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From the moment you find out you’re expecting to the moment your baby is placed in your arms, pregnancy is an extraordinary journey. Every kick, every hiccup, every milestone is a cause for celebration. Likewise, every test, twinge, and contraction can be a cause for concern—especially when you are expecting your first child. You deserve a team by your side, every day, celebrating with you, explaining every new and exciting stage, providing personal care, comfort and knowledge. You deserve trusted advocates to guide you through all 40 weeks of your maternity and to help you navigate a healthcare system that has depersonalized maternity care and childbirth.


You deserve Concierge Pregnancy.

The Highest Standard of Pregnancy Care

Our Program

Concierge Pregnancy is the premier standard of pregnancy care that provides expectant moms and their babies a nurturing and supportive alternative. Our network of elite OB/GYNs and pregnancy experts, offer personalized clinical care and service, not a high volume of deliveries. Developed by renowned OB/GYN, Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam, this exclusive program offers a complete continuum of care and natural childbirth philosophy. The program features a team approach to pregnancy by providing an elite OB/GYN and a maternity concierge who collaborate to ensure you’re healthy, happy and fulfilled throughout your nine-month pregnancy journey.

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Pregnancy is a miracle.

We believe that pregnancy is a miracle and blessing for every expectant mom and family. Every journey is unique and should become a cherished memory.

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Childbirth is a natural process.

We believe that childbirth is a natural, normal, healthy process and that it’s best for both mom and baby when it’s free of unnecessary interventions. Every expectant mom should have the opportunity to experience natural childbirth if she wants one.

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You and your OB are in this together.

Every expectant mom should partner with a passionate OB who will advocate on her behalf in all circumstances. OBs should take the time to listen to the desires of each mom, respect and honor her birth preferences and provide a collaborative decision-making dynamic.

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Your dream pregnancy takes a dedicated team.

We believe that pregnancy requires a team of pregnancy experts to ensure a happy and healthy maternity and childbirth. Every mom should have direct access to empathetic professionals who will guide them through all critical decisions and preparations for their new baby.

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You should be informed and feel empowered.

Every expectant mom should be able to control all aspects of her pregnancy and choose every member of her pregnancy team. She should be provided comprehensive information on all aspects of pregnancy, so she can make the most informed decisions for her baby and herself.


One of the most important decisions you will make during pregnancy is the choice of an OB/GYN. Our unique OB/GYN-selection process ensures that you are matched with one of our elite OB/GYNs who you can trust to become your guide and confidante during this extraordinary time.

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Experienced, board-certified OB/GYNs


Thoroughly vetted and meet our strict criteria


Natural childbirth philosophy


Passionate about pregnancy


Honor your birth preferences

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Your OB/GYN will be the only one you see


Accept a limited number of patients


24/7 direct access


No-wait appointments


By your side during labor & delivery

Our certified OB/GYNs are located in Plantation, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Our Process

  • Call us...we'd love to hear from you.

    Your pregnancy journey begins with a simple phone call or email to our Maternity Concierge, 800.850.6371.

  • Let's chat about your pregnancy.

    Our Maternity Concierge will discuss your desires for your pregnancy and match you with one of our certified OB/GYNs.

  • Interview one of our certified OB/GYNs.

    Once you've been matched with one of our elite OB/GYNs, we'll schedule a complimentary consultation with them for you.

Mom Stories

Every mom’s pregnancy journey is special and unique. Explore our videos to learn about their stories in their own words.

Insurances Accepted

Our certified OB/GYNs accept health plans from most insurance carriers, including those listed below. They update their plans frequently, so call us at 800.850.6371 if you don’t see yours listed.


Assurant Health


Best Choice Plus

Blue Cross Blue Shield





United Healthcare