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Our Program

The Concierge Pregnancy program provides expectant moms with a wealth of benefits and high-touch services that make this extraordinary nine-month journey a time of comfort and convenience exclusive to Concierge Pregnancy. Our comprehensive program begins with your selection of one of our myEliteOB-certified OB/GYNs.  As a client, you can expect to have direct access to your OB/GYN over the course of your maternity, “no-wait” appointments, and most importantly, we guarantee that your OB/GYN will be present during the entire labor and delivery process ensuring that you and your baby are well cared for. In addition to these core commitments, our OB/GYN’s offer an unparalleled level of medical support, by educating and guiding you through the most the critical decisions that need to be made prior and during your pregnancy.


Your OB/GYN Match


The Concierge Pregnancy program begins with our unique OB/GYN-selection process that ensures you are matched with one of our certified OB/GYNs who you can trust to become your guide and confidante during this extraordinary time. Using compatibility criteria, including personal preferences such as language fluencies, ethnic background, and hospital location, our process is designed to facilitate trust and mutual respect between you and your OB/GYN from day one. To ensure the right OB/GYN-patient dynamic, your first appointment will allow you the opportunity to interview the OB/GYN and ask the questions that are most important to you.


Your Personal OB


Once you’ve selected your OB/GYN, you will have complete access to—and the full attention of—your OB/GYN for the entire nine months of your maternity. Your OB/GYN is always the OB/GYN you see, never an “on call” alternative. Priority appointments mean you will never have to wait to be seen. Best of all, your OB/GYN is guaranteed to be by your side during labor until the moment your baby is born.


Your Personal Concierge


Providing support and guidance throughout your nine-month journey is our passion. We believe that every expectant mom deserves a joyful and stress-free pregnancy experience. This is why we offer a dedicated maternity concierge to assist you with each phase of your pregnancy and to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. Your personal concierge will provide advice and support 24/7, and help you to create and carry out your personal birth plan. Rest assured, every member of our concierge team is a maternity expert, intimate with the concerns and needs of expectant moms, and always available to facilitate any special requests you desire.


To learn more about Concierge Pregnancy in Miami, Aventura and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, please contact us at 800.850.6371.

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“To be perfectly honest there’s no way I could have done this pregnancy of course without my husband but without Concierge Pregnancy. It was amazing to have an OB…I can just text and say this is happening and is this normal? She would respond instantly and that's unheard of for any type of doctor." - Abby & Dan


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“Being part of the program, gives you access to your OB 24-hours a day-that’s huge. When you start talking about bringing a new human being into this world, I don’t know of anything more important than having that peace of mind going in." - Linda & Mike


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"I love coming here. You come in and within a minute your first priority. I would definitely say the program is worth it...the basic thing for me is whenever I had a question I would text my OB and within minutes she would respond...that was huge. What doctor gets back to you that fast?" - Samantha


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"You have to have someone that you feel comfortable with…the whole process of pregnancy, it’s such a personal thing...and there’s so much that goes into it--you have to find someone that you care about and feel they care about you too." - Michelle


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"I honestly think I have the happiest child in the world and I think part of that is because I had one of the happiest pregnancies in the world....and part of not having to worry was being part of the Concierge Pregnancy program." - Neki M.


What is Concierge Pregnancy®?

Concierge Pregnancy® is the premier standard of pregnancy care that provides expectant moms and their babies a nurturing and supportive alternative. Our network of elite OB/GYNs and pregnancy experts, offer personalized clinical care and service, not a high volume of deliveries. Developed by renowned OB/GYN, Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam, this exclusive program has proven to deliver superior clinical outcomes – meaning healthy babies – by offering a complete continuum of care and natural childbirth philosophy. The program features a team approach to pregnancy by providing a myEliteOB-certified OB/GYN and a certified maternity concierge who collaborate to ensure you’re healthy, happy and fulfilled throughout your nine-month pregnancy journey.